Validation Services

Validation Services

Tymec offers a gamut of Calibration & Validation services for equipment & Clean room facilities based on the thorough understanding of cGMP standard.

We are providing to vast range of services to concern for clean room validations by our panels of specialists with us.

We perform validations as per ISO 14644, EU cGMP, US Federal Standard 209E, USFDA, guideline for all rooms classification.

All testing, reports and certification is regulated by our operating process which constitute part of our Quality Manual.

Any parameter outside the allowable range will be reported immediately and strategies and measures will be put in position to correct abnormal activity.

Our Validation Services include:

Air Velocity Measurement

Temperature mapping

Room Pressurization Test

Airflow Visualization Testing

Power strength Analysis

Air Exchange Rate

Containment Test

Recovery Test

Temperature and Humidity Test