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This is an important phase where the project is planned, programming is finalized and various design criteria are established. Therefore, to meet the requirements of client, our design Engineers, associates and draughtsman are well equipped with the latest AutoCAD systems and software tools to perform calculations, sizing, rating and scheduling, etc. After clients review and approval the good for construction drawings would be developed and issued for further project execution.

Execution Services

TYMEC providing execution services to meet client’s project requirements and design intend for Civil, HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Water treatment systems, Waste water treatment plants, Firefighting and life safety systems.

Validation Services

Tymec offers a gamut of Calibration & Validation services for equipment & Clean room facilities based on the thorough understanding of cGMP standard. We are providing to vast range of services to concern for clean room validations by our panels of specialists with us. We perform validations as per ISO 14644, EU cGMP, US Federal Standard 209E, USFDA, guideline for all rooms classification. All testing, reports and certification is regulated by our operating process which constitute part of our Quality Manual. Any parameter outside the allowable range will be reported immediately and strategies and measures will be put in position to correct abnormal activity.

Project Management Services

“We provide the owner with the extra eyes and ears needed during the execution phase of a project and with the technical expertise that an owner might not have on staff.”

Owners and construction industry experts recognize that using qualified program, project, and construction management (PM/CM) services is the most direct and effective means to achieve cost, schedule and quality objectives on construction assignments of any type or size.