Execution Services

TYMEC providing execution services to meet client’s project requirements and design intend for Civil, HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Water treatment systems, Waste water treatment plants, Firefighting and life safety systems.

Our service includes Construction, Execution, Supply, Installation, Erection, testing and Commissioning activities in the following areas.

Industrial Buildings.

Bulk API & Intermediate and Pharmaceutical Facilities.

IT Sector.


Institutional & Infrastructural

Domestic Buildings.


Site surveying works.

Boundary Wall Construction.

RCC and PE Buildings.

M/C Foundations.

Structural supports and platforms Etc.

CC Roads and Drainage Works.

Interials – Carpentaty, Glass, False ceiling works.

Supply & erection of aluminum/ steel doors & windows.

Water Proofing works.

Paving works.

Painting works.


Electrical contracting services (Supply, Installation & Commissioning).

Liasoning for Approvals from EB and CEIG

Execution of Switchyard /Substation works for 11/33KV.

Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of Transformers

HT panels- ACB, Bus ducts, isolators RMU’s etc.

Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of Stand by D.G. sets.

Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of PCC panels,

MCC Panels, distribution Boards etc.

Cable trays, tray Supports and Raceways Internal and External electrification.

Annual maintenance for Vacuum circuit breakers, Air circuit breakers, RMU’

Industrial Lighting/Street Lighting/Path way Lighting/ Clean room Lighting.

Supply and fixing of lighting and receptacles for FLP and Non FLP areas

Telephone & EPBAX system & Net working works

Calibration and testing of all measuring devies

Fire and life safety & Security systems.

Supply, installation and commissioning of total fire hydrant system, sprinkler system. Flooding, fire detection systems.

CCTV & Networking.

Fire Alarm System.

Public Address System.

Security and Access Control Systems.

Mechanical & Plumbing contracting services (Supply, Erection, Installation & commissioning).

Steel Structure works for industrial buildings (In total)

SS & MS Steel fabrication works.

Pipe Racks & Piping (SS & MS) works for required Utility lines

Fabrication & Erection of MS/SS tanks, Railing, etc.,

Clean Rooms-Controlled and classified rooms for pharmaceutical and hospitals

HVAC works. (Class 100K, 10K, 1K)

Ducting, Insulation, Grills, Dampers, filters, etc., works

AHU’s Supply, Installation and commissioning.

Piping for chilled water and cooling tower water lines.

Industrial ventilation for warehouses and factories

Water softening and treatment plants

Rain water harvesting system.

Central Hot water generation and distribution.

Cold and Hot insulation works.